The best anti-stress you can find, even if you don't need one.

There is a very strong reason why the official logotype of the region of Istria contains two colours: blue and green. Blue is obviously self-explanatory, because Istria after all is a peninsula at the fabulously blue Adriatic sea.

And the green? It is not difficult to understand the reason, but it is difficult to appreciate it before you see it with your own eyes.

Istria is really a miracle. Such a tremendous variety of natural life on such a small footprint is something unprecedented. Olive grows which produce some of the - officially!!! - best extra virgin olive oils on the planet. Wineyards that bring grapes from which famous and internationally awarded white Malvazija and red Teran are being made of. Do we have to ask if you know where was the biggest white truffel in the world, ever, found? Yes, here, close to Motovun, only 15min drive from our Villa. Not to mention tomatoes that take advantage of the mediterranean climate together with specific and very fertile Istrian red soil... or wild asparragus in spring, probably the best ones you have ever tried. Large beech and hornbeam forests just like if you were climbing mountains deep in the continent, yet only 20km from the seaside...

And lavander. And figs. And palm trees. Just name it. You even don't have to be a nature lover to enjoy this.